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The basic idea of the camper is to spend your vacation freely, independently, flexibly and individually. It doesn't matter if you have a dog  wheelchair and Co or bulky sports equipment want to travel. With us you have space and the freedom you want. Your room-to-go is ready .

Campsites offer you the same high standard that you would expect in a hotel and more. Late risers and early risers can set their own pace. Peace seekers and animation friends will find a suitable place for themselves. Children find adventure and fun in nature and friends to play with. At the same time, restaurants and snack bars or a small supermarket on the square provide you with everything you need.

Campers are not just people with permanent pitches and garden gnomes. Camping is gaining in popularity. Families, retirees, couples, luxury vacationers or minimalists. They all share the desire for independence. Enjoy the day and place independently. You find  unique views, beautiful secluded bays or enchanted hiking trails. And when you've had enough of all of that, go on and find what your soul needs. 

You have never been camping? There are tips for camping newcomers in our blog , as well as suitable campsites, interesting destinations or other useful information.

Additional equipment that should make the trip and its preparation easier for you can be rented from us for a small fee. Bedding, handcarts, gas grill, beach chairs and much more can be found in the special equipment .

Are dogs allowed?  You are allowed and welcome! For a one-off fee of €50.00, ALL your dogs can travel with you - no matter how big, no matter how many.

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